Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Whole Class Journals in use!

I put out the Whole Class Journals from my TPT store and they have been a big hit with the students. It is one more thing for those fast finishers to do when they have completed their work.

(excuse the awful picture…but you get the gist)
I had some extra notebooks lying around that were perfect for this project.  I laminated my covers and samples, cut them to size, and glued them on to the notebook cover.  I put my finished journals in a book bin with the rules for journal writing displayed as a constant reminder.  

I think I would have preferred to use binders for this since it would have been easier to put together and the papers can be manipulated easier, but I really didn't feel like having to buy binders when I had these notebooks.

Some of the entries have been great and I have gotten to see the extra creative side of my students. It also is nice because it is a place for them to share stories with me and their classmates….the LOVE to share stories.

I also created a homophone center packet.  I am excited to put that to use soon with the students.  I have begun to collect the materials for the homophone search and can't wait until the product is finished.  I will do a post on the centers as soon as I have them implemented in the classroom.
The homophone search is super easy to make…I laminated the homophone cards, cut them out and then put them into a clear plastic bottle.  I used an orange juice bottle.  I bought a bag of rice, although I'm not sure that this will be enough rice to fill the bottle.

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