Saturday, March 22, 2014

iPads in the classroom

I am lucky enough to have an iPad to use in my classroom.  I love it and the kids love it!   However, I have one iPad and 20 students.  How do I make it work in my classroom?
For our basal reader we have the audio tapes of stories, but I also like to mix listening into Daily 5 and center work.  I use an app on my iPad like Educreations to record a presentation of the story and I use a headphone splitter like the one pictured below so that I can have multiple students at this group at once.

I have also created webquests, like the one I blogged about yesterday, that students partner up to find the answers on the internet.  There are so many educational apps and games for students to explore during center time as well.  Anytime I bring out the iPad the students get so excited!  How do you use iPads in the classroom and what are some of your favorite apps?

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