Monday, March 10, 2014

Leveled library

My library has always been somewhat of an eye sore.  My students shove books back onto the bookshelves without a worry if it's in the right place or even facing the right way.  I started this year off by leveling my library according to Lexile levels.  I used an app for the iPhone called Level it and the Scholastic book wizard to find the levels and used colored stickers assigned to each level for quick identification.  This project took FOREVER, but it was worth it...for a while...then, my students started falling back into their own ways of shoving books wherever they felt.  It broke my heart!  All this time wasted!  I got sad, I got mad, then I got thinking...
I used some funds from to purchase fabric bins.  I created Lexile labels, laminated them, and attached them to the outside of the bins.  Who knew something so simple could save me from a major headache?
The students have actually been putting the books back into the right spots!  Disregard the mess on the picture below, but I love an organize library!
If something like this would work for your classroom head on over to my TPT store to grab the library labels for free!

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