Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March Themed Centers

Have I mentioned how good my students are at working in small groups?  They are so good about at staying on task and completing their work. I got the students working in their centers and I was able to sit and conference with a few about their Harris Burdick writing pieces (I will post on this soon!).
There were four March themed centers for the students to complete.
The first two were sequencing centers.  
 One was a nonfiction passage about the life of Saint Patrick while the other was a technical piece about building a leprechaun trap.  Both activities had sequencing cards and sheets to complete.
The next activity was on idioms.  We have been working on idioms throughout the year and revisit them from time to time.  The rainbow paper in the picture is a small anchor chart to remind students about idioms.  They divided up the cards among the group and discussed the idioms on their cards.  The next step was to pick 10 idioms, use them in a sentence, and illustrate them on the papers. (disregard the papers near the bottom...those are homophones and I will also post on that soon...I'm so behind on my posts ahhh)

Here is a work in progress.  She wrote out all the idioms and began her illustrations.  They were having a blast with this center! 

The final center was alphabetical order.  I put out the word cards for the kids who really like to be able to pick up the cards and physically put them in the correct order before recording them.
I have a wide range of learners in my room.  Some of my students completed the centers fairly quickly, while some still haven't finished.  How do you use centers in your classroom?

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