Monday, May 12, 2014

As promised...

MORE INQUIRY PROJECTS!  I know how excited you all must be and that you have all been waiting with baited breath.  Well, wait no more!
This past week was science week at my school.  It is a week where we focus on science and integrate it across the curriculum.  Each day there is a special activity.  Tuesday grades K-1 presented their projects, Wednesday grades 3-4 and Thursday was the big science fair for grades 5-8.  We had such a variety of projects on display.  The students worked SO hard on them and did a great job presenting their projects and answering questions posed by their classmates, other teachers, and parents.
This student made her own volcano and set it off in front of the class.  Her presentation was adorable!

This student checked to see if plants would grow better in light or dark places.

This student tested different drinks and their affect on sports performance.
As I said, there were so many different projects...these are just a few!

We also had our grade 4 field trip on Friday.  It was the perfect end cap to science week and great kickstart of STEM week...brand new this year!  This was seriously the BEST field trip I have ever been on.  We went to The Hall at Patriot Place.  I had never been here before.  It's at Gilette Stadium where the Patriots play. The students spent the afternoon exploring The Hall, which is like a giant museum dedicated to all things Pats related.

 They were able to take turns kicking field goals.
 This machine tested their reflexes.
 These machines explained the NFL replays that the referees watch if there is a dispute.
 They were even able to try on the football gear!
 This gameboard tied in math questions to get a touchdown.
 We also got to see this Superbowl ring up close...some students even got to try it on!  75,000$ ring...oh my!
 We spent the morning working in small groups to create helmets to prevent concussions.  Below are some of their creations.

They were able to test their creations out and even had mock brains.  They had a BLAST working in teams.  I really want to go back here next year!

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