Thursday, May 15, 2014

Using RAFTs to Differentiate Instruction

I enjoy using RAFT assignments to teach my students.  I usually use them as a culmination to a unit so that students can show what they have learned.  RAFT is an acronym for Role, Audience, Format, and Technique.  This RAFT was for the culmination to our sound unit.  There were three roles: a doctor, architect, and instrument maker.  The students completed their projects in class and then presented them to their classmates.
Here are a few examples of the instrument makers.  There were so many varieties of instruments!

Here are some examples of the architect.  They had to create their own sound studio and write a letter stating why theirs is the best.

Finally, here is the doctor's report.

Have you used RAFTS?  If so, how did they go?

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