Monday, June 2, 2014

Book Share Party

I do monthly book reports based on genre. We finished our book reports for the year with student choice.  The students were able to pick out any book they wanted to read and write a short and simple review. We celebrated this achievement with a book share party.  The students stood and presented their books to the class.  They shared if they liked the book or not, the basic plot, and their favorite part.  After all the students shared they were allowed to go around and fill out a personal review for each of their classmates books.  I love doing this book report because each student leaves with a list of good books to read over the summer.  We also got to have a nice little party too!
After the whole class presented their report the book and report were laid out at each student's seat.
The students took around these sheets to fill out for each of their classmate's books.  They wrote down the title, author, and gave it an interest rating out of 5 stars.  Then they took the list and picked their top 3 books and wrote their summer reading goals.
The book share is on my TPT store here.

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