Monday, June 16, 2014

Busy weekend

This weekend was a busy one...but in a good way! I got so much accomplished.  I finished my report cards! and I also got some things checked off my to do list around the house.
I started my weekend by deciding to paint this old cabinet I had.  This is the first coat of primer. (I will put up a before picture later this week when I show all I accomplished)
The first coat didn't cover too much so I did a second coat of primer.
Then I did two coats of the light blue furniture paint.
I sealed the painted surfaces with Minwax.  I did three coats and sanded in between each one.
Finally the cabinet was finished!  I put on some cute knobs from Target and Zulily and TA-DA!
My boyfriend's dad came over this weekend and hung my chandelier and so many pictures...he's the best!
And I went to a dance recital that a bunch of my students were in.  It was seriously adorable.
I have so much more to share later this week about the improvements around the house, but for now I'm going to rub some aloe on the burn I got from field day :/


  1. Congratulations on finishing report cards! That's always such a great feeling!

    Fit to be Fourth