Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Workin' on it Wednesdays

I am linking up with KinderGals for Workin' on it Wednesdays!  So I am still in school, but I'm already thinking about next I weird?  Don't get me wrong, I'm ready to be on summer vacation (and so are the kids), but I love my job!  I love starting fresh each year and putting new ideas into practice.  I have already been working on sooooo much.  I am working on some novel units to use with my new fourth graders.  I am in the midst of reading Cabinet of the Earth's by Anne Nesbet and Something Upstairs by Avi and can not wait to put my scribbling onto the computer.  I have to turn these random scribblings into an actual legible product :)
I have also been working on teacher planners for my coworkers.  I love the two other fourth grade teachers I work with.  They keep me going!  They always joke about my organization so I figured I would make them some lesson planners for next year.  Here is a work in progress for the math teacher (we are departmentalized).  I plan on having these printed and bound for them...I hope they like them!
I started with this bright colored need something pretty to look at!

Then there is a birthday planner followed by over 40 weeks of lesson plan pages.  I specified the lesson plan pages for the classes she teaches.

I like to have everything handy so I included the missing homework forms, parent contact forms, and checklists.  I would much rather grab my plan book when I need to run to a meeting.  

I included tons more, but haven't finished it all yet.  I can't wait to give it to them!!!!

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  1. I love to make lists of things! These forms should be helpful to keep her organized! Thanks for Linking Up!