Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wordless Wednesday ugh

I'm linking up for Wordless Wednesday...I'!  UGH!  I haven't been out of bed for more than 5 minutes today.  Oh well, it's a hazard of the job.  At least it forces me to pay attention to my STEM webinar.  I'm almost finished with my STEM certification!  It has been a long ride doing this while planning a wedding, teaching full time, and taking grad courses, but it has been well worth it.  I am in the midst of creating an awesome project based STEM project.  I hope to be done with it by mid November and will definitely post it to TPT ASAP.
How do you manage all the things going on in your life?

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  1. Oh my! You have a full plate! And on top of all of that, sick too. Wish I could offer up some good advice on how to manage it all. Unfortunately I'm having a hard time managing as well! Take one day at a time and don't forget to take time for yourself too! Good luck!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade