Saturday, March 14, 2015


Okay so I totally have been slacking on my blogging lately.  I have switched gears to wedding planning and grad school work.  Speaking of grad school...I have my capstone project coming up.  I am in the midst of writing the lessons and getting prepared to implement it.  I chose to do Project Based Learning in science vs. traditional teaching methods.  I am using life science for my unit.  I will definitely post more on that as I get into it.  I'm pretty excited!
Anyways...We have this thing at my school called science week.  It has now turned into STEM week.  It is a week where everything is science related.  We do science readings, math, social studies, and so on.  There is also a science fair at every grade level.  I have revamped the way I do this in the last couple years.  I switched to inquiry projects for my fourth graders.  They have to pick a testable question, follow the scientific method to experiment and collect data, then they report back to the class.  This is a really great learning experience for them!  They do everything in school aside from the actual experiment part.
We just started the project last week with our big kickoff.  I wanted a better way of keeping track which student was doing each project.  I have used in the past for other assignments and decided to set it up for all 3 of my science classes.
I had to set up an account for all the students. Below is the homepage.
I posted a question about the inquiry project and they logged on and responded with their idea.  It has been awesome!  They are super excited about using Kidblog.
I logged on to find so many comments!  It has been a great tool to engage the kids in their inquiry projects...HOWEVER they have totally hijacked it and started making their own posts about all sorts of things! 
Exhibit A: This Cinderella survey 

I have to admit I do think it is cute...for now!  Have you ever tried Kidblog out with your students?  If you did, what did you think of it?

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