Thursday, April 16, 2015

April in a nutshell

I can not wait for April to be over.  It is such a busy month and May will bring some much needed stress relief.  I am taking some graduate classes for the next step in my teaching license and have to present my Capstone project later this month.  This has been an intensive project on project-based learning in science.  I am testing to see if it is better at helping students retain information.  Part of my Capstone brings back one of my favorite lessons...ECOCOLUMNS!  I blogged about this here.
This is such a fun project but it requires a ton of prep work.  A big part of it is getting tons of soda bottles.  A lot of my kids don't drink soda, which is awesome, but not for this project!  
When we finally got the bottles we marked and cut them for each group and set them aside.  We were also waiting on the supplies to be delivered.  This super heavy box showed up in my classroom which meant we were finally good to go!
Last time I did this project we used circuits and I almost vomited.  I hate bugs!  This time I went a safer (for myself) route and got pill bugs.  These guys don't jump...thank GOD!
I also ordered a variety of aquatic plants so the kids could have a diverse ecosystem.
And of course I have to mention the main attraction...the guppies and snails!

As I said, this was a long process.  We began by planting the terrarium with rye, moss, alfalfa, and mustard seeds.
Then we had to wait for them to germinate.  
I will post more about these ecocolumns in another post.

Below I wanted to share some awesome pictures from our March cereal box book reports...check them out!  The directions and rubric are posted on my TPT store.

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